Adults-Only Resorts

If the thought of going to a full lifestyle resort scares you a little, several adult-only alternatives might appeal to you. Maybe you’re not a swinger, but you still want to be able to enjoy the eroticism that a lifestyle resort has to offer and the guaranteed child-free zone for your holiday experience.

There are some major differences between the resorts offered for adults only. You will find that a true lifestyle resort does not allow singles. You must book and attend as a male and female couple, and you will be rejected or asked to leave if you are not a legitimate couple. Some resorts or cruises allow you to bring a single woman. Other adult resorts allow singles because they are seen as traditionally non-lifestyle. That’s not to say you won’t find swingers here, and in fact, there are still plenty of swingers on holiday, but public displays of affection are more tightly controlled, and the atmosphere can be more of a party.

Most adult resorts are all-inclusive, which is useful if the choice of clothing leaves little to the imagination and you have nowhere to carry your wallet.

Temptations resort is a good choice; classy, ​​sexy, and erotic, but without the full ‘in your face’ open sex. As part of the Original Resorts group, they have carefully and tastefully carved out two key niches in all-inclusive couples’ lifestyle resort vacations. Temptations are located in Riviera Maya near Cancun and Los Cabos near Cabo San Lucas. Temptations is an optional, topless resort, but it is not mandatory topless.

Hedonism, or Hedo as it is better known, is another popular erotic destination. Located in Jamaica, it is a party destination with a very relaxed atmosphere. The resort is split between a nude area and a fully clothed area.

Caliente is another of the best adults-only resorts. They have locations in Florida and the Dominican Republic. It is mainly touted as a nudist resort, but it occasionally hosts lifestyle events and lifestyle evenings.

Desire Resort and Spa in Mexico is considered a favorite by many swingers. There are so many repeat guests that you are guaranteed to know someone every time you go. Often, before people plan a vacation at Desire, they consult with friends they’ve met there before about when to book, and they usually book around the same time. Desire is clothing optional, meaning you can wear as much or as little as you want, but most prefer the latter.

Even if you are not a swinger, if you want to have a vacation that is unlike most, you should visit one of these adults only adults-only resorts at least once in your life.